The Arrival


Written by Schiavo
"Be Careful For What You Wish"
Part I
The Arrival
He needed to leave for work on a Saturday, again. He finished his coffee as quickly as he could, grabbed his coat, gave his wife a distracted kiss on the cheek, and running out the door said half-heartedly, "Love ya-"
"Yeah right, when?" she said with desperation.
It wasn’t that he didn’t love her, but their relationship had been strained to the breaking point from one stress and distraction after another. She had had enough with it all and it was time for something to give. She tried to shake the thought of separating from her mind and, in a melancholic manner, continued cleaning up the coffee grinds left behind by her spouse.
“You’ve got mail.”
“What was that?” She thought to herself, then speaking out-loud said, “He never leaves his computer turned on.”
His office was immaculate and reflected his strong work ethic. She thought, “If only he paid as much attention to my pussy and cleaned it as often as he does this office, we wouldn’t have any marital issues.”
Sitting down at the computer, she noticed the sender was from UPS and opened the e-mail out of curiosity.
Reading aloud, “Your priority package is scheduled for a Saturday delivery.” Sitting back into the big executive leather chair, she thought “What package? I don’t remember him ordering anything?” As various possibilities came to mind, the door bell rang.
“God, what did he forget his office keys now or something?” She fumed aloud and headed for the front door. Looking through the keyhole, it was a man dressed in a solid brown uniform from head to toe.
Opening the door, she said “You have got to be kidding me, right?”
A little startled by her response, the UPS delivery man responded saying, “What?”
“I just got your e-mail not 30 seconds ago” she answered.
“Oh” he said somewhat embarrassed, “Uh sorry, your package was set for delivery yesterday but we had to reschedule it for today. That message must have just made its way through our system to you now.”
“Well, what’s in the package?” she asked.
“I don’t know ma’am, I just deliver them” he retorted. “Please sign here.” She placed some chicken scratch marks on the digital signature pad and return it. He robotically stated, “Thanks! Here you go.”
She took the medium sized box from his hands and started moving back into the house. "Thanks” she said closing the door as he left. Her mind was concentrating on what the contents of this mysterious box could be. “What did he order?” she thought.
The contents seemed to be somewhat heavy and very well protected. Taking her time, she grabbed a small, sharp knife and carefully cut through the tape and folded back the cardboard tabs. Fishing through the packing foam she pulled out an invoice for the elegant box, and saw the inscription “Lori’s Locking Jewelry”.
“What?” She said aloud with a quizzical look on her face, “One way to find out . . .”
Opening the cover of the jewelry box, she looked down upon a peculiar c-shaped falic device. After a few moments, she realized what it was-
“Holy Shit!” she gasped, nearly dropping the box. “No way . . .”
The perfectly crafted chastity device glistened in the early morning sunlight. “So that’s why he was measuring his penis” she concluded. She had thought maybe he was concerned about his size, but they both knew he was fortunate in that regard.
Lifting the device out of the box she was amazed at the quality of the craftsmanship. The metal was surgical stainless steel and had a reasonable amount of weight to it, but not overwhelming. It was smoothly polished inside and out, not a flaw to be found. There was a locking mechanism built into the device, leaving no need for a cumbersome external lock. “Wow!” she blurted.
The hand of the customized key was in the shape of a heart, and attached to it was a note which read, “You only get one!”
“Oh God, now that’s sexy!” she fantasized. Thinking out-loud, “He is so going to start licking my pussy”. After a few more moments inspecting the adequately sized contraption, she expanded saying, “Oh yeah, several times a day . . . every day”.
The chastity device had a nice long curved frame with wide metal slats running down the length so as not to allow the flesh to bulge-out should “he” try and escape. But the vents were still large enough to allow for water and air to enter for proper hygiene. “What an incredible invention” she said while investigating the device in closer detail.
Since her husband was not pierced there was no need for integrating such a connection into the device. But the large solid stainless steel ring, which apparently went completely around his penis and testicles, would encompass his entire manhood and prevent any escape once the chastity mechanism was closed and locked.
At the tip of the device was a perfectly-sized vertical slit for his pee to leave when urinating. She quickly realized, “he’s going to have to sit down from now on when peeing.” With a little giggle she said, “Oh, I’m liking this thing more and more” she decided.
There was also an attachable piece of metal running along the base which became a permanent part of the device when locked. “What does this thing do?” she wondered. Looking at the device from the bottom she determined “Oh my god it keep his balls separated.” Shaking her head almost in disbelief, “They thought of everything.”
Out of concerns of privacy she slid the device down inside the front of her jeans. “Well, he doesn’t have pants this small” she thought, “but no one will be able to notice this thing under his clothing.”
Removing it, and inspired by the design, she took it apart and inspected it inside and out. Looking at the invoice again, she reflected saying, “Only a woman could have designed something this ingenious. Thanks Lori . . . whoever you are. God, he’s going to be miserable. I can’t wait!”
Part II
Lunch Time
Bob pulled into the garage turning the engine off moments before the car came to a complete stop. He pressed down hard on the brakes, pulled up on the emergency brake, and grabbed his gear while opening the car door.

“Kay is gonna kill me” he thought to himself.

Shutting the car door, he efficiently glanced at his wrist watch, slung his duffle bag over his shoulder and leaned into the door heading into the house while pressing the button to close the garage.

“Hey baby, I’m home!” he announced while walking into the living room, “How was your mor-”

Kay sat laying on the couch wearing nothing but a pair of black lace panties and matching bra.

“Welcome home” Kay said with a calm and secure voice.

Bob just stood there motionless for several moments looking at his gorgeous wife who lay before him entirely nude but for her sexy lingerie. He gazed over her voluptuous body and wondered why he hadn’t paid more attention to her on a regular basis. Seeing her there, he felt remiss for not doling her more attention. As his eyes focused on Kay’s sumptuous breasts. He noticed her lingerie was slightly transparent and he could see her nipples were hard. His eyes continued to move down her body and he made out her carefully trimmed pubic hair and gently swollen pussy lips. Finally making eye contact with her again, he realized Kay was in an extremely sexually aroused state.

“Why the . . . “ Was all Bob could utter while pointing at her disposition.

Holding up the perfectly crafted chastity device in her hand for him to see, Kay replied, “We need to talk.”

Bob’s duffle bag just dropped to the floor, as his mouth hung open and his head fell forward in disbelief.

“Yes” she said, taking full opportunity of the moment “it arrived this morning.”

Bob was speechless. His mouth moved as if to speak, but nothing emanated from his lips.

“Have a seat” Kay said confidently.

Without missing a beat or requiring any further instruction, Bob left the duffle bag where it lay and sat down on the chair beside her.

Kay was silent. She paused, slowly shook her head from side to side and then glanced at the carpet.

Having followed her eyes, Bob looked back at Kay in dismay. He wondered if she had really just initiated such a command? Bob slowly slid off the couch as if in a trance and kneeled.

“Oh that’s good.” Kay said with a genuine smile. “I like that.”

Bob sat kneeling, motionless, petrified, embarrassed and yet exhilarated. His heart was pounding in his chest so hard he thought she might hear it.

“It would seem to me,” Kay continued slowly “that you want me to control your sexuality.”

Bob hesitated, then nodded up and down.

“Is that a yes?” Kay asked with a slightly sarcastic tone.

“Yes” Bob replied.

“Yes . . . what?” Kay said leaving her words hanging.

Bob looked up but was silent, not knowing how to respond.

“You see, you used to be so attentive with me when we first got married” Kay stated as she rose from the couch. “You used to be so very interested in . . . her”. She stood directly in front of her husband and allowed him to take a good, hard, long look at her semi-veiled pussy. She watched as he closed his eyes and breathed deeply, taking in her scent.

Kay watched with great satisfaction, having had no idea that she could have ever elicited such a response from him. She felt her vagina muscles twitch and sensed her wetness at his interest.

Slowly she encircled him while running her hands through his hair. She spoke in a tone of voice that was so seductive, she surprised even herself. “Mmnnn, that cock of yours used to yearn to please me. But when you had the chance . . . you didn’t use it.” she said, gently pulling on his hair. “Did you?”

“No” Bob retorted.

“No” Kay repeated, releasing his hair with the slightest flick of discontent in her hand. “No you did not.” Kay said thinking out-loud while she finished encircling her man like a lioness before her prey.

Holding the shiny work of craftsmanship in front of his face she leaned over and asked, “And when you beg me to allow you to orgasm, how do you think I’m going to respond to you now?”

Having never seen the device so close, Bob just stared at it and started to quiver. He swallowed hard and looked into Kay’s eyes and reluctantly said, “No?”

Saturated with a wetness she had not experienced in years, Kay squatted down in front of her man allowing her knees to open widely and exposed the sides of her dripping pussy. She reached for the silver necklace which hung around her neck and held a heart-shaped pendent in front of Bob’s watering eyes.

Softly, slowly, lingering on each word, Kay asked “Do you know what this is?”

Horrified that she was taking such total and complete control of his psyche, Bob fought back the tears and tried to contain himself. This was so unexpected - today? Now? He wasn’t prepared. He’d figured he’d be the one to present the idea to her; that he would have had more time . . . an opportunity to, you know, masturbate one last time before -

Kay watched as his eyes darted back and forth, his body gently trembled, and his face went white.

“Your key?” he blurted.

Shaking her head ‘no’ Kay continued as if an inquisitioner enjoying his work, “it’s the only key.”

Like a block a dry ice, Bob stopped shaking, his eyes were wide open and he held his breath and looked deep into Kay’s eyes.

Having his full and undivided attention for the first time since she could not remember when, Kay inquired “Give me ownership of your cock, balls and cum, forever.”

The air was saturated with pheromones, Bob wanted to give up control to her with all his heart and as scared as he was to do it, he was more terrified at not doing it. His desire for her to control him was insatiable. Kay’s pussy was visibly wet, she’d never fantasized that something like this could be so powerful and exhilarating.

As if listening to himself speak, Bob said “Yes. My cock, balls and cum are yours forever.”

It may well have been as close to an orgasm as Kay had ever reached without touching herself. And it would be the last time Bob would ever be able to touch himself.

“Good.” She said, breathing in his desire. “Now stand up and remove all your clothing except for your underwear.”

Bob rose, removed his shirt and tie, kicked off his dress shoes, unbuckled his pants, lowered them to the ground and stepped out of them. He then removed one sock at a time with the big toe of his opposing foot.

Slowly pulling Bob’s underwear down, Kay spoke to her man. “Your penis, balls and sperm are my possession now. You have given them to me of your own free will. When you are forgetful of this fact, I will remind that cute ass of yours whose boss.”

Bob blushed with total embarrassment and humiliation.

Kay placed the smooth stainless steel ring around Bob’s penis and gently moved each testicle carefully through until his entire manhood had passed through.

Kay unlocked the device and looked up at her husband saying, “You will never touch your penis again . . . . . ever.” She laid her husband’s nervous and flaccid penis into the enclosure, and used the optional attachment to separate his testicles. She then locked the device with the key.

Bob felt the cold steel surround his penis - her penis - and felt ‘him’ try to enlarge. It was futile. He could tell his measurements were perfect and the build was exact.

Kay looked at her handy work and gently shook his manhood - her manhood - in the locked device to check for the possibility of escape. Not a chance!

Bob stood there nude and watched as his wife inspected her imprisoned husband.

Kay stood up, looked Bob deep into the eyes and said in a matter-of-fact tone of voice, “In all areas of our lives we are equal, save our sexual life. You are my slave, my servant, my bitch!”

Bob was shocked as he had never heard his wife speak to him this way before.

“No aspect of our lives will change in any way other than in our sexual life.” Kay continued “You will do as I please, when I please, as often as I please.” She paused to see if he had any words in response.

Bob was silent, totally dumb-struck.

Kay undid her bra in front of Bob. She allowed her breasts to bounce a little as she threw her bra on to the floor. She gently massaged her breasts and nipples in front of him. “Oh yes, do you remember when your cock used to slide between these?” she said teasingly. “That won’t be happening again.” Bob cringed with horror as the reality of his predicament began to sink in.

Kay stepped back and seductively slipped her transparent black lace panties off her hips and down to the ground, kicking them off to one side. She opened one leg and began to gently massage her pussy in front of him. “You’re going to be licking her throughout the day”. Bob could hear her wetness in her hand. “Oh yes” she moaned, “you’re going to be licking my pussy to orgasm throughout the day . . . every day!”

Sitting down on the couch, she leaned back and said, “Start now, slave!”

Bob fell to his knees and tasted her sweet juices as Kay wrapped her legs around her husband’s back. His warm tongue reaching her power, “Oh God, that’s it. That’s a good slave.” She said as she felt his tongue skillfully sliding over her clitoris.

“Oh God!” she said “you’re never going to cum again!” The revelation was intoxicating for her. “Mmnnn . . . Oh! Oh fuck!” she said as the finality of the control and domination her pussy had over her husband sank in fully.

He would never feel his sperm emanating from deep within his balls to make that journey up his body, into his hardened, pulsating shaft and explode from his head as the powerful rush only an orgasm can bring filling his body with sensations of release and satisfaction. No, those belonged to her now and she knew it!

With every breath her arousal heightened and with every exhalation she neared an orgasm the likes of which she had not experienced in a long, long time! “Oh god! Oh Yes! Uh Hmnnn! Oh YEESSS!” Her face contorted in shear ecstasy as the thought of his inability to cum flooded her mind and coursed through her body. She shook from the waves of pleasure that pulsed through her. Breathing heavily she said, “Oh god!” Taking in more air, she continued, “Oh! . . .” Breathing again, “That was . . . uh-huh . . . uh-huh . . . amazing.”

Bob sat there licking her sweet pussy juices off the sides of her legs.

Kay commanded, “Now slowly, and I mean slowly, clean your master's pussy dry.”

Bob obeyed and tried his best to savor her every succulent offering. His encapsulated manhood was throbbing from lack of attention which clearly would not be satisfied today.

When Bob was finished and Kay regained her composure, she stood and said “put my panties on me now.” Bob crawled over on his hands and knees, picked up her panties - “with your teeth” Kay interrupted - and brought them to her in his mouth.

“Put them on me”. Bob held her transparent black laced panties in his hands wide open for her and watched as Kay stepped in, one leg at a time. He then slowly raised them up her long, toned legs and watched as they cupped her sweet, succulent vagina. She lifted her leg onto the couch and pointed for him saying “adjust my lace”. He moved the lace which had folded under the edge of her panties. She knew he was staring right at her power yet again.

Kay took the opportunity in closing to say, “you shouldn’t have ignored her.” He nodded and sulked. Allowing him his moment of misery she proclaimed “Because now, you won’t be able to get her out of your mind” and brought her leg back down to the ground. He looked up in agreement nodding.

She snapped her fingers and he stood to his feet.

Changing her tempo and tone Kay said, “Now go. You have a 1:30 appointment to catch on the other side of town. See you tonight when you’re done honey.” And with that she gave him a kiss on the cheek, turned, and went upstairs.

Bob just stood there for a moment, his manhood pressed helplessly against its cage. He looked at his watch, “Oh damn!” He threw on his suit, happy that the device was undetectable and made for the car.

As Kay watched Bob pull out of the drive, she smiled and wondered why she hadn’t been the one to think of doing this years ago. She giggled and thought, “I’ve got em’ by the balls now!”
Part III
The Ceremony

As Bob drove down the freeway to his appointment, his penis began to relax and the swelling in his testicles subsided. He began to gather his composure and reflected on his experience with Kay. Thinking out-loud to himself in the privacy of his vehicle he said, "Man, she looked really good!" He momentarily closed his eyes and breathed deeply recapturing her scent and taste in his mind's eye. At freeway speeds, he had begun to drift ever so slightly into the neighboring lane. Bob opened his eyes, looked in the rear view mirror and, thankful no one was there, returned to his center lane. "I should have kept my mind on her instead of these damned appointments!" He said with anger hitting the steering with his hand. After a few deep breaths, it was his exit. He shifted gears and felt the chastity device sliding against his inner thighs. "Well, maybe she'll let me out of this thing if I start paying more attention to her" he said. And with the slightest amount of hope for the future, Bob finished out his afternoon's appointments.

As was part of his routine, Bob made his way to the gym for his late afternoon workout and pulled into the parking lot. Stepping out of the car, he felt a sudden rush of embarrassment run throughout his nervous system. "Oh my God!" he said to himself trying not to be noticed.

"Hi Bob!" His next-door neighbor said waving as he passed by.

"Hi Dave" Bob responded in a disinterested tone of voice.

"See you inside?" Dave inquired.

"Sure." Bob answered as Dave continued to walk toward the front of the building.

Bob leaned his stomach against the car and tried to relax. Thankful that the incident had passed, he looked down to see if "it" was visible. There was nothing to be seen. But for the slightest bulge, there was absolutely nothing noticeable or out of the ordinary. No one would look, or even stare, at his crotch and think anything to be unusual. Speaking to himself under his breath Bob sighed, "Guess I won't be able to shower here any more".

Bob had a decent workout and, although he avoided doing any squats with the free weights, he felt rather natural and was able to vent a great deal of frustration. Returning home sweaty and somewhat fatigued from an adrenalin filled day, Bob parked his car out by the curb of their home. He turned off the engine, shut the lights off and sat wondering what await him inside. "Only one way to find out . . . " he said aloud as he opened the car door and made the long journey up the sidewalk to his front door.

He placed his key into the door and felt the tumblers move as they slid over the notches of his house key. Scratching his separated balls through his workout clothes, Bob tried to adjust himself as he turned the doorknob and slowly walked in. The aroma of candles filled the air and the soft, white glowing candlelight was masked from the outside by their thick, drawn curtains.

"Wow" he thought to himself. His manhood, her manhood, began to swell against its cage, hopeful to be released and given attention. "God I want to cum" he blurted out-loud as he made his way further inside.

A large yellow post-it note was fastened to the refrigerator door with a magnet. "Take a shower in the downstairs bathroom. Be sure to brush your teeth, shave, and use very little aftershave. Then wait for me in the center of the room on your knees . . . naked." Signed, "Master".

Bob swallowed heavily as his instincts told him that Kay had taken complete control of his sexuality and that she had no intentions of giving up her control. His testicles swelled, but were restrained and held in place. He could not remember a time when he felt such a burning between his legs and a desire to ejaculate. "God, get this thing off me!" he thought. "Maybe a cold shower will help" he said to himself while taking to his instructions. His cold shower cooled the stainless steel chastity belt encapsulating his penis and helped sooth his desires, even if only temporarily.

Bob walked into the center of the living room and waited motionless kneeling, with his head bowed, and his hands behind his back. Unknowingly, Kay watched him from a distance in the shadows of the candlelight. She stood in the nude rubbing her wet pussy and brought herself to the brink of an orgasm watching her captive husband obediently kneeling at her written command. Slowing entering the room, she brought her fingers to Bob's nose.

"Smell your Master."

Like pleasant smelling salts, Bob felt her presence and raised his carefully shaven face.

"Taste your Master."

Bob opened his mouth and savored the sweet nectar on her finger. He was always amazed how silky and sweet she tasted.

"Please your Master."

Bob sucked on Kay's index and middle finger, swallowing her wetness.

Kay slowly took the back of Bob's head and brought him between her legs.

"No hands" Kay instructed, "just your tongue".

Bob focused his entire energy on the movements and rhythm of his tongue sliding over Kay's clitoris.

"Drink from your Master."

Kay was sensationally wet and Bob took in one and a half mouthfuls of her passion.

"Yes, that's it!" Kay screeched as she forcefully orgasmed! She held onto Bob's head as a bull-rider holds onto his saddle.

"Oh, yes." Kay said breathing deeply and taking her time to recover.

Bob was visibly excited. His penis, now helplessly encaged pressed futiley against its confinement. "Now, Obey your Master." Kay continued. She turned around, leaned over, and reaching around spread her ass cheeks apart with her hand.

"Lick your Master's ass." Kay ordered.

Bob had never had a such a close, and well lit view of her asshole. Perhaps under different circumstances he would have resisted, but he was so sexually aroused - his desire to please her gave him a new found courage to explore sexual activities he may not have otherwise attempted. Kay kept her body, and her privates immaculately clean and well groomed. Bob leaned forward with his tongue to please his new Master.

Kay felt the warmth of his tongue on her body and enter her ever so slightly.

"Yes, that's a good slave. Continue." Kay moaned.

Bob's penis was throbbing at the sound of her pleasant response. His desire to please her and submit to her loving authority overtook him.

"Give in" she spoke as she felt him lick and kiss her ass. "Give yourself over to your Master!"

Bob moaned with delightful agreement.

After several moments Kay stood up, and faced her new slave.

Bob noticed the heart shaped custom key hanging around Kay's neck. He could not take his eyes off it.

Kay, sensing his desperation, lifted the key slightly with her thumb and index finger. "Is this what you want?"

Bob, caught like a child with his hand in the cookie jar responded. "No master."

"Oh yes it is." Kay said teasingly, "I know it is."

"But, I, um . . ." Bob stuttered.

"If I give you this now, you will never be my slave again." Kay spoke with a stern, emotionless face. "You either commit to me right now, or this fantasy of yours is over - right here, right now."

Bob was speechless kneeling before her.

"Choose!" Kay demanded.

Bob fell to her feet, kissing her passionately and said "I choose you my master." Kissing her, he continued, "My penis, balls and cum are yours" he said between kisses, "Forever!" Bob said with a sense of finality.

Smiling from ear to ear Kay seductively said, "Good."

Kay left Bob where he knelt, turned and sat down in a large chair a few feet in front of him, crossing her legs and arms resting on the arms of the chair. "I need to know that you mean what you say." Kay began "I'm going to leave my property where it is for 3 months."

Bob gasped.

Kay was silent and waited to see if Bob anything to say. After what seemed to be an eternity, Kay continued "When I release you it will be at a time of my choosing, and under circumstance with which I feel most comfortable." Kay dictated. "Your wrists will be handcuffed and you will be unable to stimulate yourself again."

Bob's cock was throbbing in its cage and his balls were fully swollen with excitement. Kay's desire to own his sexuality was intoxicating.

"I will use my penis to please me and bring me to an orgasm whenever I wish, but you will not be permitted to cum." Kay explained "In fact, I will bring you to the brink of an orgasm over and over again. But each time you reach the edge and are ready to explode your hot, white cum, I'm going to stop!"

Bob coughed and the movement caused his testicles to ache. His body was in overload and would find no relief.

Kay slowly, seductively spread her legs by raising one knee over the arm of the chair and then the other. She had positioned the lamp to ensure its light was shinning directly on her swollen pussy. "I'm going to learn how to milk your prostate." Kay concluded "and when my balls have emptied all of that hot sperm before me, I'm going to decide what you will do with it."

Bob licked his lips and let out a deep ecstatic sigh.

"Yes, " Kay said as she began to rub her pussy in front of him. "Yes, I may just enjoy just watching the expressions on your face as you feel my cum leave your body without the satisfaction of an orgasm." Kay said breathing more heavily with each passing thought. "Oh God, I gonna make you eat it and do whatever I want," she said breathing very heavily, "and you're never going to cum again!" She said as a full body orgasm raced through her body sending convulsions of pleasure throughout her limbs. "Oh fuck!" She said, as she breathed waves of energy deep in her torso. Kay's hands massaged her wet, swollen pussy in full view under the light.

Bob just sat there kneeling, dumbfounded and silent.

Kay let her head fall back into the big cushion behind her and savored the moment. She knew Bob was staring at her vagina for several minutes. She had never felt so completely exposed and yet so powerful.

"Oh God, please let me cum!" Bob pleaded.

Raising her head and folding her legs, Kay stated. "Oh no. That is a pleasure you will never experience again. Be careful for what you wish. Your dream has just come true!"