Chastity Device Letters from Customers




Letter from Customer telling it like it is


I am not sure if you post letters from customers letting you know how special your devices are, but if you do, please feel free to post this one.   

My Chastity journey started years ago and I wasted a lot of money purchasing devices that were sold on the internet.  None of which really accomplished the overall goal of providing comfort, total security, and satisfaction for the fetish that I had.  My fetish was that of being locked up for my key holder, unable to masturbate or experience any type of sexual satisfaction without her being involved.  I looked at porn on the internet, I masturbated, and I lost my total craving for my wife during those times.  I eventually saw the light and tried to introduce chastity into our relationship.  She was reluctant at first but eventually she saw how important it was to me and she agreed to try it. 

We had several successful months with the use of the curve device, which is plastic but it was somewhat effective.  However, mentally, for me, it was a novelty because I knew that at any time I could cut it off or pull out of it.  In fact, there were a few times when I had to go to work, when she forgot to leave out the keys, that I just cut off the lock and it was done.  I tried several add on items sold on the internet but none were effective.  Eventually I worked up the courage to tell my wife that I wanted to be pierced so that wearing a chastity device for her could be more secure.  I had been to your web site and seen the beautiful devices that you offered and I knew that this was the best way for me to feel totally secure in chastity for my wife. 

After some discussion and hesitation, she was the one who made my appointment to get a PA piercing and the experience of it was minimal.  It was special in that we did it together as a couple and during the time of my healing, the piercing jewelry acted as its own chastity device.  Every time I looked down at it I was reminded of her. 

Fast forward to now and I am securely locked in one of your 8C devices that you custom made for me.  It is comfortable, extremely secure, and far better than anything else out on the market.  If only I had known I would have saved hundreds of dollars on chastity device market gimmicks.  While locked in your device, I feel totally secure.  I have searched for lots of security screw bits and have yet to find one that matches the security screw that secures your chastity devices.  All I have to say is GOOD! 

I see so much chastity stuff on the internet but none of it is relevant and accurate to those of us who truly desire to be in chastity for our wives and for the right reason.  We owe it to ourselves and to our significant others to be secure in our desires, and to be willing to give up that amount of control so that our relationships will flourish.  I can not thank you enough for providing a realistic view regarding a chastity lifestyle and for providing a truly secure chastity device that can be used effectively between two loving individuals.  The level of customer service and the quality of communication that you provided me during the process was outstanding.


The Magic

" Good morning sleepy head. I see you are finally awake."


"That's OK honey. Please relax. I'll explain THAT to you, all in good time. But right now, I have some exciting news for you, and we have a very busy schedule ahead of us,  

OH, yummy! You look so sexy, lying there, naked, tied spread eagled to the bed. What a delicious view!! The sight of you, under my complete control, and totally helpless, is turning me on!!

You may test your restraints if you like, but you will find that they are not going to let you go anywhere! They'll be no escaping the new lifestyle you are about to be groomed for..."


"Aw w, Poor Baby! You seem so confused. Take a deep breath. Things will become clearer to you as we proceed.

I gave you something last night to help you get a good night's rest. You're going to need it for what you are about to experience. And, it's important to both of us that you to listen to everything I say,  which you wouldn't, if I hadn't restrained you. Agreed?"


"Good. I thought you'd see it my way. I have a lot to explain to you, and I'm so excited about your coming training. It's going to make a new man out of you!

A few months ago, one of my girl friends told me about a way that I can have the husband of my dreams, who will want to do everything he can to make me happy. All of your attention will soon be directed to me, and me only, especially in the bedroom! You will no longer be able to ignore my intimate needs. And you know what? Soon, you won't even mind that you were subjected to this training program, once the MAGIC takes full effect."


"Hm-mm? Yes! So, I have been planning this day for quite some time. The sooner we get started, the sooner you'll be allowed release from your bondage.

Do you know what this item is that I am holding up, so you can see?"


"You seem to be a man of few words! The gag is there, so I don't have to listen to your pleading for release, while I'm preparing you for your male harness.

You probably know what I have in my hands, but I'll tell you anyway. I bought you a special present, made to custom fit your genitals. It's called a male chastity device. I took the necessary measurements for it one night, when I made sure your wouldn't be aware of it. That way, I was assured of getting the most accurate measurements possible.

You see, I was introduced to a woman on a web site a few months ago. She manufactures these devices by hand. She is known as Ms. Lori. Her mission, is to help married couples lead a life that is more devoted to each other, especially the husband to the wife. Her devices are expensive, but they're made for a lifetime of wear, and well worth the cost. I was allowed to pay for it in three monthly payments.

So, are you ready to proceed? As if you had any choice about it. We'll assume you did, and chose to do so."


"You poor thing. Please, calm down. There is nothing you can do to stop me at this point anyway. My mind is made up. From this moment, I have total control of you. Your squirming is only going to wear you out.

Your chastity device is known as a model 2 A. This model comes with several special added features. It is really considered locking jewelry, which will become obvious to you, as you wear it. Such a beautiful item. A true work of art!

The first part I'm going to fit on you, looks like a large ring, with a curved bar attached. This piece is known as a cock ring, and the curved bar is called a ball divider/separator. At the top, on the inside of the ring, are two spikes that fit above your cock, to help discourage you from trying to pull out of the ring. Also this area of the ring has the hole for attaching the second part, the cock cage.

The first thing we do..., now hold still, or I be forced to use more straps to further restrain you..., is pull your ball sac through the ring, with the ball divider bar pointing away from your body. Then we pop the right ball through the ring. Did you feel that? Next, comes the left ball. Good. And finally, a little lube will help us get your cock carefully past the two spikes, and fully through the cock ring. Now, we have to roll your scrotum into the curve of the ball divider to part those gorgeous balls. There! How does that feel?" No pinching, I hope!"

"Hrrumph, moan..."

"Now comes the tricky part. The cock cage. Please don't get excited and swell on me, so I can't fit the cage on you, or I'll be forced to use an ice pack to calm you down! 

You will notice, that the cage has a ring inside of it. Can you see it? It is known as the retainer ring. It is made to fit the diameter of your cock snugly, directly behind the cock crown, when your cock head is pushed through it. Once fitted, it will not come off without tampering with it. You cannot pull back out of it, as the ring will clamp down on your cock like a mouse trap. This could be uncomfortable.The retainer ring is attached to a post that allows it to freely swing forward and backwards, as your cock experiences normal attempts to swell and shrink in the cage. The post is positioned to allow the ring to be perpendicular to the cage body, with little pressure on the cock head, when you are your normal flaccid size. The post is secured with a special locking screw as it is placed into a block, located on the underside of the cage body.

The cage end, has a heart shaped opening, to allow for normal fluid elimination. The cage, when secured to the cock ring, will cause the heart opening to gently kiss your cock head, and just barely expose your urethra opening.

The opening of the cage, has two more spikes located at the inside of the lower part of the opening, to further help to prevent you from trying to pull out of the cage.

Also, when securing the cage to the cock ring, there is a hole in the cage body block, the hole located just behind the retainer ring post, and slightly closer to your body. This hole will receive the end of the cock ring ball divider bar, and make the chastity device rigid as one item, to lock your balls apart, and secure them from pulling out of the cock ring itself. Your balls will ever be separated in your ball sac by the divider bar .

All that said, it's time to place your cock in its cage. Hold still now, while I put some lube on your cock, and fit the cage to it. There! I'm sliding the cage on, pushing your cock head partially through the retainer ring. Next, I'm carefully positioning the ball divider bar into the block hole made for it, being careful not to  pinch the ball sac skin. Now, I'm positioning the cage locking tab over the cock ring screw hole, inserting the locking screw, tightening the cock ring and cage together with the key. Finally, holding the retainer ring upright, I'm using a Q tip to work the cock crown through the retainer ring.

There! Good! All secure! What do you think? How does it feel?"

"Hrrumph!! Moan..."

"You are the proud wearer of a custom made Lori 2 A chastity device, and I now own your toys!! The locking screws have a special designed slot in them that will only accept the specially made key to tighten or remove the locking screws. I have the only keys. To attempt to use any other device to remove the screws, will damage the key slot, and then your chastity device will become a permanent fixture. I don't think you want that to happen, now do you?

I'm told, that a couple of unique features come with your 2 A chastity device.

One, is the fact that the ball divider/separator bar will give you the sense of being controlled, similar to the bit used in a horse's mouth. As your balls swell and shrink, the bar will induce pressure changes in the center of your ball sac, parting more or less of the sac. This action will constantly change the separation of your balls, sort of massaging them, tending to constantly enhance your horny state .

The other feature is the fact that, as you continue to wear the 2 A chastity device, the retainer ring will be constantly moving forward and back, which you will feel, behind your cock crown, acting as a teasing sensation. This will ever remind you of who owns you, and who is the only person who can release you from your chastity harness.

These two features will heighten your chastity training program. But, I'm told that the best feature of your training, for us wives anyway, will be the fact that your training program won't  allow you to orgasm for long enough that your body chemistry will change. You will then mentally, be in a state where the "MAGIC" effect kicks in, causing you to focus on the person who owns the keys to your chastity device, and controls your orgasms. Once you reach this plateau, you cannot escape its effect!

What do you think of that??" Yeees!!"

"Hrrrumph!! Moan..."

"OH, yes. Right! Your gag. I haven't forgotten it. I'm told that the double dildo silencing gag, was invented by a women, strictly for her convenience and pleasure. It's time for me to test that theory..."