Chastity Device and Chastity Tube Problems :

Chastity Device and Chastity Tube Problems


Another Male Trying to Get a Key

Dear Mistress Lori,

About two years ago to the day (tomorrow actually) I made order from you for a #6 curved PA device and subsequently received it a few months later. After a lot of trial and error, persistence, and a bit of minor dremel work we were finally able to install the device as we had hoped to: for 24/7 wear. Recently since then I have been locked up quite a bit by my Mistress, and have it installed for an as of yet to be disclosed amount of time. Somewhere along the way in the past two years the two keys that you sent to us has turned into only one. Mistress says can't remember where she placed the extra key, and I both don't feel too comfortable with having just one, especially in light of the fact that one has already "disappeared". I like knowing that there's a spare in case of an emergency. Is there any way for us to have a new key made? My device has the push-to-turn locks that you put a black cap on. Do we have to order all new locks or will the new one fit our old locks?

I wrote:

Hi Joe,

You would have to order new locks. I would never send you an extra key. I just do not do that. Your intentions are most likely very honorable but there are those out there that are not. I have no way of sorting this out. So my solution to the problem is to replace the locks with a new lock and different keyway. Locks are $35.00 each, shipping is free, I take PayPal or I can process your card by e-mail if you prefer. I hope my policy does not anger you. Please read article at Maybe this will help you understand better.

Ms. Lori

Ms. Lori,

Boy I sure do feel sorry for that guy, and I guess that makes sense, but I'd really rather not purchase a whole set of new locks and keys, the locks that it came with work perfectly. I really just need a spare in the case of an emergency. If I remember correctly, the key we have for the lock has "214" on it. In the article, you said if Brian had his Mistress write a letter to you in her handwriting then you could send a spare. Could I do the same? I'll scan in the letter after she writes it requesting the key and then send it to you via email. I don't mind paying for the key, obviously.



I wrote:::

Hi Joe

A 214 keyway was one of our old keys I don't even have any of these anymore. I think we are on 7015 now.

Ms. Lori

Joe wrote:

Ms. Lori,

Ok well I really need a spare in case of an emergency for this thing. Can you send me one of the push-to-turn keys that you are currently using and I will see if that works in the locks on the device I am currently locked in? I'm sure a key would only cost a couple of dollars, but how about I pay $35 for the spare instead of getting a whole new set of locks and keys?



He is caught by his Mistress. This from her:

Dear Mistress Lori,

I have discovered this email trail by my submissive this morning. I am VERY appalled that my Sissy Submissive boy has gone to such lengths to try to get a new key from you! I have attached a picture of BOTH keys, as I have NOT lost either one. We have been together for almost three years and he has slowly introduced to me how all of this works and what the benefits could be in our relationship. I have been recently getting more into it and trying to take it to the next level. He has proved to me now time and again that he is not to be trusted in his plastic cage CB2000 and now not with his #6 Curved PA device. I need to know that you will not in fact be sending him a new key and request that his order be canceled. This is all still pretty new to me as far as what other Women would do in a situation like this when the trust of their submissive has been disrupted as mine has time and again. He says that this is what he wants but then does something like this. I suppose that when a man's most precious thing to him he no longer has access to, he will do just about anything! How secure are these keys and are they able to be picked? I, at this point would not put it past him to now try something of that nature. The fact that he has now only been locked up for five consecutive days and he has already gone to such lengths has made it VERY apparent to me that my choice in pursuing this Mistress role is something that I am now more serious about than ever! If you could please respond back with any advice or links that I might be able to use to improve my knowledge and give me some ideas, that would be Fantastic! You can respond to my new email address that has been just now set up for better protection of this sort of information at I have copied my pathetic little Sissy Slave on this email so he can see that he has been caught in his TERRIBLY DESPICABLE attempt at trying to breach our agreement and so he can see that you now know how untrustworthy an email like that is when coming from him!

Thank you for your time

This was the last e-mail:

Dear Ms. Lori,

Well as you now know from the email Mistress sent you this morning, she intercepted my email correspondence trail to you this morning as a result of my own carelessness. I cannot help but be reminded of how you did try to forewarn me by sending me the link to Tom and Bobbi's story, and all I did was think how I was not going to get caught and that I could get away with lying to you and to her. I know Mistress is extremely angry and I am quite worried because this seems to have somehow just strengthened her resolve in stepping up her authority over me now. I have been ordered to email you and apologize for my behavior and for attempting to deceive you and my Mistress. Mistress also pointed out to me that my lying and potentially getting a key from you for purposes of cheating on my vow of submission to her directly undermined the integrity of your reputation as being a provider of the most secure chastity cages money can buy. I am well aware of how secure this device is, because I did my homework and that is why I came to You and Paulie for our device. I cannot believe the mistake I have made, and I am so sorry, on so many levels for my actions. You are absolutely right when you said, "don't ask for things you don't truly want" ...because while I do want this, I am only now realizing what this really means.


This looked like it was a case of a lost key, but I was to find out he was just trying to cheat. I hope this e-mail will discourage you men that are trying to get a key from me. It just does not happen!!!!!