Dome Lock Instructions



The screw that goes through the lock is not stainless and not available in Stainless.

The locks on your device are push and turn locks, you have to press the key into the keyway and push down before you begin to turn the key. If the lock is put in position correctly it cannot be removed. Look at the lock bottom, you will see a ledge sticking out. Now look at the device, it will have a step ground onto it. When placing the lock, hold the body of the lock still, use the key to turn the keyway. The key will only fit into the keyway one way, it has to line up with a slot in the keyway. The lock is a push to turn keyway so you must depress the key into the lock in order to turn it in the body of the lock . If you line the ledge of the lock up with the step in the device they will fit perfectly when the screw goes all the way in. It is not necessary to over tighten. Tighten the screw lock. Take it up until it sets snuggly in it's proper place.

Whenever the locks are removed I recommend that they be submersed in mineral oil before reinstalling. It is up to you to maintain your locks.