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#2B, Well a follow up after I've had time to try out the 8b I ordered.
The device is well worth what was paid for it. The longest its been worn was one month as it seems the longer I was locked the more the night time erections got harder and lasted longer. Although the girl friend likes the fact that I can't get hard for the most part nor can I play with my self. We. Had to remove the device cause it would actually wake me cause of long night time erections. I do hope that over time they will stop. We are now going to a long lock up again. Maybe it will work this time. But as for the device and what it has done for the girl friend. She is very happy and proud to have this 8b locked. Some might wonder how it makes things better. My girl friend did feel I was being much nicer more touchy and kissed more when we did hit the 30 days and hope to see what the 6 months can bring this time. Thank you for a well made device and working with me as much as you did. After all the emails and an extra ring later. This 8b is very secure and very controlling. You have for sure got a customer who will return again.



  Modified 8B

I believe my boyfriend just contacted you about a new pin for our device, and that prompted me to think of maybe sharing a bit of our story, in case it was of interest to you or your customers. My boyfriend, Ben, and I have dreamed of being able to play with long periods of orgasm denial for most of our relationship. It was something that got mentioned early on while we were still getting to know each other, and was a point of sexuality on which we both fixed pretty strongly. Especially since we were living apart at the beginning, it sounded amazing for me to have control over his access to his penis, and over his ability to orgasm, and the frustration and desperation I could potentially cause him were a delightful bonus. We tried a series of cheap devices, which ultimately turned out to be disappointingly insecure, then got a 2B from you a couple years ago. We pretty quickly realized that Ben's anatomy was such that a non-piercing device was never going to be workable, and after a lot of contemplation, we decided to get him pierced. We switched the 2B for an 8B, which was beautifully made, but Ben's testicles kept popping back through the base ring, and I was worried about the weight of the device falling on his piercing when he went running. Ultimately, we just felt it wasn't going to work long term, required too much checking on it, and disrupted Ben's life too much. About a month ago, we took out the 8B again, and ended up deciding to do a little DIY modification, (hope that isn't too blasphemous, and no offense to Paulie's beautiful work) essentially converting it into a pared down 8A. I suppose I should say that I've never been too into the whole emasculation thing that a lot of people seem to involve in their chastity games. I didn't want to stop Ben's erections, or make him less masculine, but I loved the idea of essentially "muzzling" his penis, which, since he's only able to come through frenum stimulation, proved quite doable. Besides that, I personally think this "glans cage" style is exceptionally sexy, ending up looking more like ornamentation than imprisonment for his penis. And, I like that I have relatively unrestricted access to his boy parts, while the device keeps his pesky fingers from the bits that could make him come. So, long story short, I've had him successfully locked into the modified device for a solid month now, with no accidents or problems. I'm a very satisfied girl, and he's a desperately frustrated boy, which is what we've been hoping for for a long time. So thank you so much for the amazing products you sell. I've included a couple pictures in case you wanted to put them on the devices being worn section; I realize our's isn't a stock device any more, but I thought since you don't really have many of the non-cock-ring-based cages up there, it might be of interest. Hope you're well, and happy holidays!

Sent from Wicked He is locked up for very long periods of time.


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Good Morning Ms. Lori Mistress D requires chastity 24\7 and rather than go into the few times I do get let out let me just say this is her favorite training cage she calls it. Its utterly and completely humbling. It also in my opinion is very easy to hide under clothes because it doesn't stick out forward. In fact when I pee and of course you must be sitting down. The cage when sitting, is pointing the head of the gland back between my legs. . I also wear a size 4 short, Levi 515 Boot cut women's jeans and its completely unnoticeable that you would have any package at all. Its one of the reasons she like it over other cages. No Bulge. Plus at night there will be no hard on sticking her at all as with other cages. Your sub with be completely humbled at all times no exceptions or half hard on. Full on chastity. I've been chastised for many years now and except her authority. Fit correctly it is very comfortable but the trick here is to use a ball stretcher to  make in skin around your testies  relax and stay that way. Once you adjust to the stretch of you testies you will most of the time never even know its there unless you are thinking or doing something you shouldn't be, then its going to remind you with pain. This is the training part. Your mind and body eventually be reprogrammed to obey only when your KH requires it. With a few condoms and numbing cream you can give her pleasure and be back in your cage without release. I do look forward milking's which keeps me on the edge and Mistress. D. happy. Most of the time even for sex I'm not unlocked we have many toys she prefers for penetration and orgasms. Thank you Ms. Lori  



 Hi Ms.Lori Just to let you know that it arrived in new Zealand, I' am wearing the device since 2weeks and it fits like a glove !!! Absolutely amazing piece of workmanship-art, I just wish i would have ordered it years ago (or shall I say my wife....?),all other devices and there where about 8, don't come even close ! soooo save, inescapable...thanks again for the great work, Regards S.