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Orgasm Island

– By a Well Trained Husband

Here I was alone with my wife and a pilot, on a small 6-seater aircraft. We were flying away from Fort Lauderdale towards the Atlantic Ocean, celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. My gorgeous wife had been teasing me for two hours. “ I can’t wait to get to Orgasm Island, I hope you are ready to take care of your horny partner.” she said. I was more than ready, being five days since my last orgasm. It was her idea that we spend an entire month on the island dedicated to the worship of the male orgasm, and I readily agreed.
The first thing I saw getting off the plane was an enormous penis sculpture, fourteen feet high, with four life-size naked women fondling and stroking the rock hard tower. Every 2 or 3 seconds, a burst of water would spurt out of the top of the penis about 8 or ten feet up. I found myself getting hard watching the regular spurting out of the top. I was ecstatic that my wife had decided on this spot to celebrate our anniversary. We were escorted to the reception area by way of first class camp van from the airstrip piloted by a voluptuous twenty something goddess named Denise, who explained that she was a counselor and mastubatrix on the island. My mind raced.

We made our way to a reception area, where three of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen greeted us. Involuntarily, my penis twitched. Orgasm Island… these celestial creatures…I was going crazy with lust. They described very briefly the first step was to be fitted for our uniforms, and one counselor named Peggy measured me like a professional tailor. She gave my penis a playful tug when she measured the inseam. We were invited to have a drink at the bar while our uniforms were prepared. I was feeling good after a couple of scotches and the anticipation of big sex. My wife was making baby doll eyes at me. Seeing water squirting up 8 feet from the statue at the airport had just gotten me started. After about 40 minutes, we were informed that our uniforms were ready. I was escorted, away from my wife, to a smallish room nearby.

There I was alone in a small room with two unbelievably attractive women braless Victoria Secret models wearing shorts and halter-tops. I was drooling. “Hello, My name is Miss Tanya, and this is Miss Christina.” I’m sure that you will get to know all of the 10 counselors here quickly.”
“Please remove your clothes, we have a couple of more measurements to take to fit your uniform properly,” said Miss Tanya. I was hard as a rock and a bit hesitant to exhibit myself. “Please don’t worry, we are used to men getting excited. We are both professional mastubatrix.” I almost came right then and there. This was going to be some fabulous month. “Stand right here”, said Miss Christina. “And put your hands here,” ordered Miss Tanya.
I did as I was told. My penis was twitching uncontrollably. I wondered if my wife really approved of what was going on. Then these two gorgeous creatures locked cuffs around my wrists and ankles.

Then the two of them proceeded to measure my member. Hard, soft, semi-hard. They spent a full half-hour measuring and playing with my penis. Using ice to calm it down when needed, despite my objections. And then they left without addressing me. As she and Miss Tanya left the room, I overheard Miss Christina say, “ I’m going to enjoy sucking on his cock.” I started bucking forward uncontrollably, willing myself to an unattainable orgasm as two counselors left me there. I was left alone and bound for about 10 minutes. It was a long ten minutes. I was desperate to come, the pressure building in my balls from 5 days of build-up and way too much teasing.
Miss Christina returned. “Congratulations,” she said,” You have passed the test and will be admitted to the Orgasm Island Program.” I cannot describe how happy I was. I was looking at these two twenty something counselors, braless, both with perfect D cup titties, telling me that they were going to play with my dick for the next month. And my wife is on board. It was even her idea.

Miss Tanya put a blindfold on me and told me to relax. I felt the two women playing with my balls and penis, stretching, kneading. I started to feel the cummies building up, ready to burst out. I readied myself for my first orgasm on Orgasm Island and steeled myself for a gallon of built up cummies to spurt half way across the room. Every muscle in my body willing the milky flow from deep in my heavy and very full balls. Yessssss, I was coming. There was no way to hold back now. “Uh, Oh, we cant have that”, said Miss Christina calmly.
Then I felt the ice cubes all around my balls and cock again. My overheated cock came under control quickly. I started sobbing and begging the two women to please finish me off. I felt all sorts of goings on around my cock and just let myself go. I tried to block out the frustration with the thought of two goddesses playing with my cock for the next month, but could not stop shaking and sobbing.

The next thing I knew, I heard an audible “click” and the genital manipulation stopped. My blindfold was removed and immediately I looked down to see my cock firmly installed in some sort of a custom fitted cage. There was simply no way my member could get an erection. It was actually kind of exciting and my penis certainly tried to become erect, to the point of thinking that I would come inside the devise. It would not happen, and it took 15 minutes or so to regain any sense of calm. Miss Tanya and Miss Christina certainly tried to help me. They explained in soothing voices how typical my reaction was. Not to worry, I was told, it was all part of the plan to make my sexual life incredible. I decided that I would go along for now. Not that I had much choice. I was invited to suck on their nipples to calm down. An invitation I readily accepted, but which did little to ease the pressure building up inside my chastity cage.

I was escorted to my room, which was luxurious. My lovely wife was there waiting for me. “This place is pretty strange, huh?” were the first words out of her mouth. “Did you get your uniform?” I inquired. I was wondering if she had also been subjected to some form of chastity. “Of course, hunny bunny. I understand everyone wears the same things. The counselors told me that you would be wearing one interesting item. I can’t wait to see it.”
“What is that?” “They told me that there was a lock on your cock and that no one would be able to touch it without a key,” Claire stated matter of factly. My cock twitched uncontrollably at her words. I almost fell over in pain at the swelling of my cock, unable to get past the restraining plastic. “Let me see it,” demanded my wife.
I took off the shorts I had been issued and my wife got her first look at my new companion. She began to fondle it, which got me excited and increased the discomfort tremendously. I told her that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea for us to be on Orgasm Island for a month. Did she have the key? “No, I don’t have the key, and I’m not sure how we would go about leaving anyway. We are a long way from Kansas.”

We arrived at our first dinner after an hour of clean up and were greeted as guests of honour. We were seated at the head table. I was placed between my wife and Madame Horton, the resort director. Several of the counselors were also there, including the two who had placed the devilish cage on me. There was also another couple dressed, as we were, in the camp uniform. The man was exceedingly polite to Madame Horton, his wife, and all of the counselors. I had a lot of questions, but was encouraged to hold them until after dinner, when everything would be explained. We were served a sumptuous four-course feast by a quartet of obviously gay men who were clearly as talented in culinary as they were gay. After dinner, we were served coffee, and I must say that for a moment I almost forgot about the clamp on my penis, the dinner and atmosphere being extremely pleasant.

Madame Horton looked me in the eye and I fell into rapt attention. “ It is our custom here to welcome each day one new couple to the island, as well as see one off. Tonight is no exception. David and Claire let me explain how the island works. All of the male students here are wearing chastity cages, just like yours David. There is no way off of the island without risking near certain death. I am the president of Orgasm Island. We have our own state here and as such our own laws. Insubordination will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely. While we do not believe in capital punishment or confinement, we reserve the right to impose many forms of punishment, including castration in the event of violence against any of the counselors or the other guests. We have found that by controlling the male organ and orgasms, we can change the whole male persona for the better. This is a school, and you will learn over the next four weeks how to enjoy quality orgasms as opposed to quantity. Your wife likewise will be learning how to manage and control this new power she has. In four short weeks, you will be a graduate too.” “ Now, of course we realize that the male needs sexual release, and we make provisions for that. In fact, you will quickly appreciate that that is the centerpiece of the men’s life around here. I know you are probably thinking about what you need to do to earn an orgasm. That is a very good question, and one that we will address shortly.” Madame Horton rose and whispered to me“ First however, we have a graduation ceremony.”  Her voice rose to the occasion, “Mr. And Mrs. Williams, please come forward.” The couple seated with us at the head table rose and came to the front of the room. She continued, “ I am happy to reward you with this diploma signifying successful completion of the Orgasm Island training program. Kenny here has done quite well in his time here, earning 8 orgasms, and suffering just two disciplines. Joanne has demonstrated excellent knowledge of masturbatory techniques. I am sure you are both going to be very happy as a result of your time here. Kenny, here is the key to your chastity belt. For the first time in four weeks, you have the power to allow yourself an erection. What are you thinking right now?” Kenny did not hesitate, “ I am thinking how lucky I am to be married to the most wonderful woman in the world,” he said. Then Kenny got down on one knee like he was proposing in some old love story movie and said “ Jo Anne, please accept this key as a token of my everlasting faithfulness and chastity.” And with that he put his eyes to the ground and awaited her response.
“Oh Kenny, I am so lucky to have you. Of course I accept the key to your chastity belt.” And with that she placed it around her neck on a silver necklace so that it was just slightly buried in her ample cleavage and the assembled crowd broke out in applause. “ That was lovely, you two. Congratulations, and we will see you on your way in the morning.” said Madame Horton. With that, the Williams went off to their own room.

“Now where were we?” Madame Horton spoke softly to me as the coffee was served. “Oh yes, we need to explain to you how the men here earn orgasms. It is very simple. You start first thing in the morning. An alarm will ring at exactly 5:40 each morning. It starts off almost inaudible and gets progressively louder over two minutes. There are 24 men in the program at all times. The first 6 earn 3 points, the next 6, 1 point. The last two men lose 5 points. Breakfast is served at 6 o’clock. During breakfast, you will be given your daily work assignment. You will be assigned on the basis of your own skills and abilities. There is always work to be done, such as cleaning up garbage, mowing grass, cleaning the rooms, painting and the like. The six men in charge of the work detail can also give you points. You earn those by effort and attitude. The most points you can be awarded through work each day are 20. You can lose up to 20 points for insubordination etc.,” she continued. I had wondered how they kept the place so perfect without tons of staff, and now I knew. “We take a 1 hour break from 8:45 to 9:45 for you to feed and care for your wife. You will serve your wife breakfast in the room at 9. Your wife plays an important role in your attaining orgasms. She has the ability to give you 100 points each day. Most wives give their husbands the maximum each day, but, if you do something to upset her to where she doesn’t give you the points, good luck having an orgasm that night. After taking care of your wife it’s back to work until 12:30. Lunch is served at 1, and after that you are free to enjoy the facilities of the island.” Madame Horton continued, “For each day you go without an orgasm, you will start the day with 10 points, so it is almost impossible to go for more than a week or ten days without getting some release, unless your wife decides you are not worthy. During the day you will undoubtedly interact with the various other guests. Each woman has twenty points each day that she may reward, or not, to selected men. No man may receive more than 5 points from a woman in a day, and women cannot give these points to their husbands. Be creative, offer to do little jobs, be polite. Each woman fills out a card before dinner each day in private, so that who she rewarded points to is absolutely secret to all but the counselors. Be aware however, the one thing we do not ever do here on Orgasm Island is to have intimate contact with a guest other than your own partner. We are training you to worship your wife. Of course the counselors will be manipulating your penis, but that is their job,  a job for they and your wife, not other guests.
“Each day, 6 lucky male guests will achieve an orgasm here on the island. The highest point scorer of the day will have his chastity belt removed and gets to spend two hours in our special “Winners Circle” suite with his partner. It is a luxury suite with Jacuzzi, videos, a waterbed. Most wives take this opportunity to richly reward their hubby. We encourage wives to give a special treat or even oral sex to their husbands to properly reward a difficult accomplishment well done.
“The next two high scorers also have their cages removed and are allowed to spend two hours alone with their wives in their rooms, when a counselor will come by to make sure the male is recon fined in his cage after the two hours. Fourth and fifth and sixth places have their cages removed and will be the subjects, along with their wives, of a 1 hour private masturbation lesson with one or more of the counselors. Unlike the majority of our masturbation sessions, these end in an orgasm for the male, so long as he is able to remain quiet for the entire hour.  “What happens to the other 18? The next 15 point scorers and their partners are the audience for the discipline sessions. The bottom three point scorers need to understand that their performance has been sub-standard, and that is what discipline is all about. It also is extremely useful in helping to train the wives in the art of masturbation, which we all know is the key to controlling the male. “That is where we are now, David. You will have a chance to witness the discipline in a few moments and I think a lot of questions will be cleared up,” she concluded. I was swimming in emotions. Excited, frustrated. I was wondering what might come next.

“I have some good news for a few men here”, spoke Madame Holden. “Sixth place, Giles from Cheshire.
“Fifth place, Harold, from Warwickshire.  “Fourth place, Jason, from Los Angeles. “Third, Gus from Hamburg. Second place, Jerome, from Orlando.” She continued after a slight pause, “And our big winner tonight, Sam, from Paris. Congratulations Sam. All right winners, present yourself and the counselors will remove your chastity cages,” advised Madame Horton. All six were up in a flash and off to enjoy the next hour or two.
“All right, everyone to the theatre,” ordered Madame Horton.

Everyone filed into a fair sized circular room with seating all the way around four rows deep. There were perhaps 85 seats. In the middle of the sunken “stage” stood three comfortable looking very narrow beds. Madame Holden took centre stage. I looked around and saw some worried faces. She started, “ Every day we have winners here on Orgasm Island, and of course we have those who need motivation and discipline. Melvin, from London, has not had a good couple of days. Perhaps 11 days without an orgasm is contributing to his unease and lack of obedience, but that is not an acceptable reason for his behavior. Orgasms must be earned, and Melvin has been doing a poor job. Two days ago he mouthed off on work detail and was subjected to ordinary discipline due to low point total. He did not learn. This morning, he physically shoved his supervisor. Melvin, rise and come forward to receive your sentence.” Melvin looked a wreck. There were bags under his eyes, which were red and puffy. “Are the charges true, Melvin?” asked Madame Horton. “Yes, Madame”, replied Melvin, meekly.
“And do you have anything to say for yourself?” “Just that I am terribly sorry, and that it will never happen again, and that may I please have another chance, ” implored Melvin. “Of course we will give you another chance. That is part of our philosophy here at Orgasm Island. How else can you be expected to learn? However, of course there will be consequences. Consequences are also a part of learning. Lie down on the table and prepare for your punishment,” instructed Madame Horton.

Melvin lay down and was efficiently tied down by two of the counselors. Madame continued, “The charge of insubordination and class 2 physical assault on a counselor or work detail supervisor is admitted by the offender. As punishment, I order 1st) 100 points deducted from Melvin’s daily point accumulation. 2nd) the installation for 5 days of an electric ring. 3rd) the assignment to immediately orally service the work supervisor he assaulted,” declared the president of Orgasm Island. The counselors removed the chastity cage from Melvin and replaced it with one exactly the same size, but silver in color, as if made of metal. As soon as they had installed the reconfigured cage they released Melvin and Madame Holden continued. “Bring in Mr. Kelly please," she intoned.
Mr. Kelly was one of the flaming gay waiters from dinner, and he looked like he was going to enjoy himself.
“ Mr. Kelly, please remove your trousers,” said Madame Horton. “Melvin, you are to service Mr. Kelly orally until he comes in your mouth. Then you will lick up the sperm as best you can. You may use you hands, but please don’t try to turn this into a hand job. I suggest you try and follow Mr. Kelley’s instructions as closely as possible. In that way you can avoid electric corrections,” advised the stern madam.
“You may begin.,” she said in a soft voice. With that Melvin dropped to his knees and began sucking Mr. Kelly’s dick. Mr. Kelly was quite specific in his desires, ordering Melvin to lick here, suck there and around there, as he desired. Melvin slowed down after about 2 minutes and Mr. Kelly looked at Madame Holden, who pressed a button in her hand. Melvin jumped just a bit and then went back to work like an X-rated star. Mr. Kelly particularly rejoiced in Melvin’s tongue teasing his anus, and Melvin ended up giving “curly whirly” for a good 2-3 minutes, afraid to stop for the electric current that must have felt like it could fry his nuts. Within 10 minutes Mr. Kelly was spewing all over Melvin’s face and Melvin dutifully cleaned up Mr. Kelly with his tongue.
“You may go back to your room for the evening Melvin.” I hope you have a better day tomorrow,” said Madame Horton. And with that Melvin and his wife departed without another word.

“Fortunately, there is no other unusual discipline this evening. Lets get on to the training.” “Today, as is the norm, we have three low point scorers who need to be disciplined and motivated,” Madame Horton advised.
“Without further ado, the three low point scorers today are Jimmy, of Boston, Alan of New York, and Germane, of Antwerp. Gentlemen, come forward and lie down,” she ordered. The three of them walked down to their fate without pause and lay down on the beds. Two counselors tied each man down and their partners were asked to come up to assist. The cock cages were removed and all three cocks sprang to attention. A counselor named Victoria started. “Tonight, I am going to teach you about friction. There are enormous differences between how excited a penis will get depending on the substance used. Let me demonstrate. With that she took a generous handful of baby powder and rubbed it all along Jimmy’s shaft. She stroked and tickled for a minute or two. Jimmy moaned audibly.  “I prefer baby powder for the sensitivity it allows you to demonstrate. Look here while I just gently tickle the underside of the crown.” She said. With this Jimmy began to buck uncontrollably and Victoria stopped.

“My name is Melanie,” the next counselor began. “ Fabrics are my specialty. Look at the different reactions we can invoke with two different fabrics.” First, lets see what we can do with a silk scarf. She rubbed the scarf over Alan’s bright red cock for about three minutes until Alan finally couldn’t help himself. “Please let me come,” he begged. Miss Melanie immediately grabbed Alan’s balls and gave them a very firm twist for about three seconds. Then she slapped his penis very hard and then calmly continued with the silk scarf treatment for another 2 minutes or so, not saying a word. Alan moaned but refrained from further comment. “Now observe the different reactions another texture can create, a pumice stone.” Miss Melanie rubbed the pumice stone all around his dick and balls, paying particular attention to the tip. Alan began to wail like a baby. Miss Melanie mercifully stopped after about three more minutes.

Miss Hillary came next. “ My specialty is mixing pain with pleasure. I have found that many men have their most powerful orgasms when writhing in pain.” She started playfully slapping Germane´s cock and soon he was squirming uncontrollably.  “Notice what happens when I pinch in certain areas. For example observe the small bit of extra skin under the crown, and this area between the balls and base can be very sensitive, as well as here between the balls and the anus. By manipulating this area, you can cause intense pain while also bringing the man to orgasm.” she instructed. After a few minutes of this Germane started to breath very heavily and I was certain that he was beyond the point of no return. He was coming, no matter what the counselor said. Then Hillary did an amazing thing. She grabbed the base of his cock very firmly and literally prevented the come from escaping. With her other hand she took an ice bag and placed it over Germane´s out of control cock.

It was Victoria’s turn again. “Baby oil makes a wonderful lubricant”, she started. “You will be able to see how much longer orgasm can be delayed through its use.” She slowly stroked Jimmy’s cock up and down. A little faster at times, and at times a little slower. Jimmy was in a wonderful dreamland. “ Here Mrs. Morton, you try.” said Victoria. And so Mrs. Morton continued, with Victoria giving her little hints about teasing and brushing the cock here and there. When Jimmy started to show signs of impeding release, Victoria took over again. She slowed down the pace to almost imperceptible strokes and Jimmy went berserk. But he kept his mouth shut. When he was just at the edge again, Victoria stopped. He was bucking out of control so much that the counselors had to install an extra tie down around his upper thighs. And then again it was Melanie’s turn again. “Anal play can be very fun and exciting for both partners,” she started. “It can also be used as a way to provide release from sperm build up. This is done through a thorough prostrate massage. This is particularly useful for discipline and an added benefit is that it can be done without removing the cage. I’ll be demonstrating that in a few more rounds. For now, I am simply establishing control and familiarity with the region. Notice how much less Alan is squirming than he was just a minute or two ago,” she concluded. And so it went on for an hour and 40 minutes. Each of the men being brought to the brink of orgasm 4 or 5 times, only to be denied at the last moment, then given a few minutes to calm down while watching the men nearby similarly tortured, only to start the process again. Watching poor Alan have his cum milked out of him after the cage had been re-installed was particularly intense. I noticed that he came in sixth place the next night. At last when the show was over, the counselors placed the other two men back in their cages and everyone retired to their rooms for the night

I awoke after fitful nights sleep to a faint chime…the alarm. I quickly pushed the button 5:40 and 17 seconds. I would neither gain nor lose points waking up today. We fell into a routine as the days went by. There was always work to do, and then there was a gorgeous island resort to enjoy in the afternoon. There was a sumptuous dinner at night, followed by rewards and corrections. I managed to avoid serious punishment. I was disciplined three times. I once I made the mistake of waking up Claire in the middle of the night to complain about the pain and pressure in my balls. She said nothing at the time except for me to go back to bed. But the next night, when I was being disciplined, as she was taking a cock slapping lesson from Miss Jacqueline, (who by the way is a real pro), she reminded me how much she liked a full nights uninterrupted sleep. I learned my lesson. Claire quickly learned to love the life, and proved to be an ace at learning the various techniques taught on the island. She would sleep in and read each morning. We immediately got into the habit of me performing oral sex on her as a wake-call to breakfast, a habit that continues to this day.. I became almost a mind reader, trying whenever possible to earn her favor by doing small things to make her life easy. The same thing applied to the other guests, whose points I soon realized I needed to earn the precious orgasms. After a few days, I didn’t need any instructions. Claire taught me a routine. Just before bed I gently lick her pussy, accelerating as she gets excited, always paying attention to the signs her body is sending. I always pay strict attention to any audible commands. Pussy licking is followed by a back rub. Afterwards, a foot rub with lots of toe sucking and kisses while my darling wife drifts off. Once she is asleep I try my best, and eventually succeed, at falling asleep.

After four weeks at Orgasm Island, it was my turn to graduate. I sat at the head table with Madame Horton again. She gave me an approving look, which made me swell with pride. When I got down on my knee and presented the key to my chastity cage to my wife, I swelled up with emotion and started to cry and tell Claire how much I loved her. I was no longer an unbroken stallion, but a well trained husband, which Claire has been ecstatic to have at her service for the last three years and will enjoy for eternity.