Paulie's Story

Mistress Lori has asked me to tell the story of how I got this way for the readers of her web-site. I will do my best, as it gives me great pleasure to do anything Mistress Lori asks of me
My first encounter with Mistress Lori was in a chat room, and we started e-mailing each other. Soon the subject of chastity came up. She seemed to like to talk about it and at first I didn't even really know what chastity was. As we talked back and forth it soon became obvious what she was referring to.
She said she had this magazine called "Slave Piercing" and it turned her on very much reading the stories and she was telling me all about some of the images on the pages and how it made her feel, the men there with breasts and steel covered dickies. I gotta tell you these things she was saying about piercing and growing breasts on a man scared the hell out of me, but made me feel very turned on at the same time. She told me to go out to some book stores and see if I could find a copy. I looked everywhere but could not find a book called slave piercing. So I e-mailed Mistress Lori and told her I could not find it anywhere. She said if I was really interested she would meet with me and we both could look at her copy.
I had never met her before this but being the shy creature that I was, and not very good meeting women, I jumped at the chance to meet a woman who spoke so frankly about sex. So we set up a time to meet in a cafe in Portland Oregon. I lived in Seattle Wash. at the time but would have driven to Australia if that is what it took to meet a woman who took any interest in me. I was early and was setting in the cafe waiting when a woman walked in dressed as Lori said she would be, I was dumbfounded! I was almost afraid to say anything, afraid she would just turn and go away, She was the most incredibly beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on and she was here to see me!!!!

She introduced herself to me and I don't remember what I said, something dumb probably. Anyway, we sat and talked awhile. I never felt so drawn to anyone before, her red hair and green eyes seemed to pull me in and trapped me there in the depths of there beauty. She asked if I would like to go to a park and look at the magazine we had been talking about, I was afraid to stand up as I had a terrible bulge in my pants, but I managed and we went to her car and on to the park.
                               We found a shaded place away from other people and layed out a blanket, sat down and she produced several magazines called "Slave Piercing" and one "called Forced Womanhood" we started looking through them and I was turned on beyond belief, each story we read and each new picture turned me on further. As we looked through the magazines I found it hard to believe there was a woman out there that wanted to really do these things to men, and here I was setting with one and talking about it. Very scary. It became very oblivious that it turned me on, and Lori reached over to my lap and rubbed the bulge there, she said take it out, I was so nervous, I asked here? Yes she said sharply. She rummaged around in her purse and bought out a hair tie (kind of like a rubber band) and placed it over my throbbing member, I was so embarrassed, when she said well put it away I am done with it. She stood up and when I started to stand she put her hand on my forehead and stopped me, she said are you ready to become my little girly boy? Are you ready to be chastised for me? I said I don't know, I would have to think about it. She turned and walked away toward her car leaving me setting on her blanket, I quickly got up and folded the blanket and followed her. She rolled down the window and I placed the blanket on the seat, the hair tie felt like a ring of fire around my member as it throbbed and ached, when you are ready to become a woman let me know and she drove off leaving me standing there. I thought, well there stupid you have blown it again. There were so many thoughts going through my head as I walked the mile of so back to my car, all the way back to Seattle I could think of nothing else but her, what she had said, what she had done, the hair tie still in place, I left the hair tie in place for several days, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, I was a mess. But I never took the hair tie off, I started to several times but just couldn't seem to do it for some reason. It seemed I was turned on all the time that I could think of nothing other than her and what she asked me, If I was ready to become a woman, I e-mailed her several times and she did not return my e-mail. Finally I e-mailed her and said yes I would like here to chastise me. She answered me and told me I was to purchase a chastity tube. She gave me a address to send for one, and I was to be pierced right away. I was not to contact her again until I was healed up locked up and prepared to give her the keys.

8 long weeks later I had a chastity on my pierced member and was setting in the cafe where we first met. She walked in and was more beautiful than the first time I seen her. She didn't say anything , she just held out her hand and I knew I was supposed to put the keys in her hand. I want you to know this is the most scared I have ever been. She then took me by the hand and lead me to her car and wordlessly, we went to her apartment. As soon as we got in the door she said lets see it. I was so embarrassed, but I did as I was told. She took my pants and told me to finish undressing. She then went into her bedroom and after a short while she called me to come in she was on the bed and she was in a black see through gown with nothing on underneath it. She was the prettiest woman I had ever seen even in magazines. She called me over to the bed and asked me if I was ready to be a woman for her. I said I don't know, she got angry and said dammit you have wasted my time again and to get my clothes and get out, I stammered I am ready, ready to what? She said. I am ready to be your woman! I am ready to be anything you want me to be.

So it began, I gave her oral sex and made love to her like a woman would, and she told me that I was chastised and therefore my dickie didn't matter, that sex was for her, and I should be happy to give it to her. She was right, all I needed was her, and to be turned on like I have never been turned on before.

Lori explained to me that she had tried sex with a male before and did not like it. But that she did enjoy having a woman give her sex, but did not like returning the sex, she said she did not like getting between another woman's legs with her tongue. I told her that I had never been with a woman and allowed to put my penis in her, and Lori liked that very much.

We dated every week-end with her getting all the sex she needed and me nothing other than being teased to the max. I finally told her I needed some kind of release after about 6 weeks of this. This seemed to disappoint her but she told me to lay down as she tied my hands above my head, took my chastity off. She brought me to a climax like I have never felt before with her hand. After about 3 months of dating she said the time had come to start making me a woman, and she gave me some hormones to take and told me to move out of my apartment and to quit my job.

I didn't really need to work anyway as I have a large inheritance that is set up in a trust fund for me. She said I was to move in with her and start living as a woman. Well this was great and I felt very good pleasing her.
After about 8 months or so I was developing nice little breasts, my hips were developing I was taking electrois to remove my hair and with all the exercise Mistress Lori was giving me I was getting very feminine looking.
I was poking though a drawer one day and found a key and I though I would see if it fit my lock on my chastity and it did! So I went into the bedroom and took my chastity off I was having a grand old time as I had not been able to touch my little member in almost a year. It felt strange to touch it, to hold it, it had shrunken from the hormones and was so small. I was wacking away when all of a sudden I look up and there is Mistress Lori, and she is as mad as I have ever seen her. She told me to pack my bags and get out. I told her I have never done this before, and that I would never do it again. She said she could not trust me, that the thing, that was between my legs belonged to her and I had ruined that by finding the key and doing what I had been doing.

What was I to do? Here I was 1/2 man 1/2 woman with a 5 o'clock shadow. Where would I go? I had turned all my money over to her, I had no apartment, no place to go. I begged for another chance, she said only if I agreed to be permanently chastised I could stay. She never wanted me to release again. I would do anything for her to be allowed to stay with her, so I agreed and she sent me to the store to get some liquid solder to fill my lock key hole.

As I was leaving, she said hold it. My heart sank, I thought she had changed her mind but she said you are going no where dressed like that. She grabbed my hand and took me to the bedroom and layed out a dress, a pair of nylons, and all my female clothes. She said I was to wear this outfit to go out in. I was terrified. I had never been out dressed like a female before, I was so scared, but Lori took her time, put on my makeup and combed out my long hair. I just knew I would be arrested or something bad would happen. But I looked in the mirror and was shocked at what I saw looking back at me, there was a gorgeous sexy blonde looking back at me. I could not believe what I saw. Lori said you are ready to go and get the solder so we can make your chastity permanent. At this point I never wanted to see the old me again! Paul was gone forever.

I want to tell you going out that door was the hardest thing I have ever done. I was made to walk to the hardware store, As I was walking down the sidewalk a neighbor man came walking toward me, I wanted to die right there, but I was watching his eyes, and he was openly admiring me, his eyes weren't even looking at my face they were watching my body, he said hello, I just smiled. I felt very sexy all of a sudden. I turned around and he was standing there looking at me. I smiled and tossed my hair, and off to the hardware store I went with a whole new resolve, to finish off Paul.

I was amazed at the men and women who were openly admiring me, I was beautiful. I managed to get the solder and get back home without a hitch. Mistress Lori was waiting for me she said lift your dress, and she pulled my panties down and she had me hold my chastity out so she could fill the keyway of my lock with the solder. This act somehow turned me on I was all swollen in my chastity. I don't understand it, but somehow it seemed so final. It was if I was reborn. I didn't have to worry about my little dickie ever releasing again. It was like someone had lifted the whole world off my shoulders. I was all swollen up in my chastity device and I looked at Mistress Lori and she is obliviously flushed and very excited. She pushed me to my knees and pulled my head under her skirt and I took care of her needs as I had be taught to do, but somehow it seamed different this time, I felt it was better than releasing, I felt so right, I felt I could stay there forever.

I am now permanently chastised with break-off screws and a full cover hooded chastity device, I live with Mistress Lori and another chastised she male named Barbie. We all have a lot of fun together and we have a relationship that cannot be equaled by anything else. I have never had a woman sexually by entering her, so I guess I would be considered to be a virgin, Although Mistress Lori often straps a small dildo on me and has me use it on her as she bounces down on my chastised dickie with her buttocks. I have offered to tie it back or tape it out of the way, but I think she like doing it, she said NO!!

I love Mistress Lori and I don't know what I would do without her. I make the chastity devices you see at her web-site .

There is nothing fake about Mistress Lori desire to chastise men. She loves doing it, every time she gets a order for a new chastity, she truly gets excited, you can always tell when someone orders break-off screws for there male it makes her happy for days and I usually benefit by getting to service her. I am what Mistress Lori calls a male lesbian, I do not care for other men, other than it is fun to tease them by giving them a little peak or bumping up against them leaving a breast against them for a little longer than necessary. But to have sex with a male is not something I would want to do.

It is bad enough whenever Barbie and I have a little spat and Mistress Lori ties our two chastity devices together all night and makes us sleep face to face and breast to breast, every time one of us moves, it tugs on our little dickies so we are very careful not to quarrel with each other. It reminds us that we are males.

Now you know my story.