Lori Tube - Comfortable and Secure

Submitted by: Traceyís Robert, South East, PA

Here are some details of my experience. Iím hoping these details will help others who are considering a Loriís tube.

Order Description

  • Prince Albert 6 gage
  • Curved tube
  • Hooded
  • 2 1/8 long (my estimate of flaccid length from groin to crown).
  • 1 3/8 tube ID
  • 1 ĺ testies ring ID
  • New locking system
  • Customize by removing the section of hood bar that crosses in front of the piercing pin.

Rationale for what was ordered.

  • Curved for better concealment while dressed. I actually wanted a 1 ľ ID curved tube but that was not available. Lori noted back to me that the straight model (#7) (available in the 1 ľ ID) hides just as well under clothing and should be considered.
  • Hooded to prevent pulling the penis forward and off the piercing pin.
  • Remove a front section of the hood bar to allow unobstructed pee flow.
  • The 1 ĺ inch testies ring is the smallest that I can get my balls through. I wanted the ring as tight as possible to better support the weight of the tube via the ring.

A description of what was delivered follows.


#6, P/A, 6 ga., 1-3/8" I.D., 2-1/8" length, 1-3/4" ring. posted 11/26/03



  • Very good craftsmanship.
  • Overall length from groin to hood tip (my attempt at a straight line measure): 3 5/8 inch.
  • Length of the solid tube (not counting hood) along top from groin: 2 1/8 inch as ordered.
  • Overall outer circumference: 6 inches at largest OD (where the tube transitions to the hood bars).
  • A true 1 3/8 ID (as ordered) where the penis enters the tube.
  • 3/8-inch gap between the two hood bars that run parallel top to bottom.
  • Total weight 10.5 ounces, all pieces. 8 ounces for the tube and 2.5 ounces for the two locks, piercing pin, and testies ring.
  • Slightly larger testies ring than ordered (ordered 1 3/4, received almost 1 7/8 ID).
  • Extra bars on the hood (added bonus, thank you Paulie)
  • More room in the hood than I need especially below the penis head. I guess this is good however if your penis has a large mushroom head.

My measurements

  • Circumsized.
  • 6 inches long from groin to tip of cock when fully erect.
  • Average flacid length is estimated at 2 1/8 long (groin to crown).
  • 5 1/4 inch circumference when fully erect measured at mid length.
  • 4 1/4 inch circumference when flacid measured behind crown.

Ordering experience:

  • I exchanged multiple emails with Ms. Lori to get answers to my questions. She was always very responsive and helpful.
  • I had originally ordered a 3-inch length and requested a 2 1/8 length about one month after placing my order. Ms. Lori accommodated this request and noted back that they do not sell too many long tubes and that I was probably doing the right thing by going shorter. Ms. Lori recommended a length between 2 1/4 and 2 1/2 (flaccid length from groin to crown).
  • The delivery took 90-days as promised.


  • The tube is very comfortable to wear during the day including work and gym.
  • Before receiving the tube, my wife (and now key-holder) did not pay much attention to the whole chastity concept until I was locked-in. She was not really a control type and just liked to play at bdsm. But after the first day of knowing that she had the key to my thing she realized the benefits. The tube was a surprise to her. She was still concerned about my welfare during my daily routines (work, gym, etc.). But I kept her abreast of the tubeís comfort and functionality and her concerns were soon relieved. She now wishes I had been wearing a tube sooner. She especially loves the hood feature because when Iím erect everything is trying to push out between the hood bars. The feeling is so frustrating and I love it. It feels like someone is holding you all the time. The penis girth fills the whole tube even when flaccid so I think the 1 3/8 ID is perfect. When sleeping, my wife lives to hold the steel in her hand. The only enjoyment I get is when her fingers slip down to my balls. They are very sensitive and her touch makes me so hard its pure torture.
  • The weight of the tube (10.5 ounces) is substantial. It is possible to support the tube with a long shoelace or corset lace threaded under the testie ring lock and around the waist. That does a very good job of keeping tube snug against my groin and doesnít look bad either. When dressed I wear bikini type underwear to keep the tube snug against my groin and to absorb drippings after pee. I tried doing without the testies ring but found the weight of the tube too much for underwear to support. (too much stress on the piercing). The testies ring is a good feature to have.
  • The 1 3/8 allows room to slip a finger in so I can soap and clean. Iím not sure the smaller 1 1/8 ID would have allowed this.
  • With the front bar removed I find peeing is much cleaner compared to wearing piercing jewelry that normally has a captive or screwed ball and a round ring that tends to divert the pee stream. The tubeís PA piercing pin points somewhat straight out and the pee stream is therefore easy to direct/predict. The pee stream would have hit the front bar had it not been removed as requested. The removal of the front bar is really a convenience that makes visits to a public urinal so much easier to deal with.
  • Still, like piercing jewelry, there is that bit of pee that finds itself going through the piercing hole. The tube is actually cleaner than regular piercing jewelry since after it finds itself out of the piercing hole, it follows a path through the tube front end and therefore just drips down into the urinal in a predictable path.
  • After receiving the tube I had many thoughts about whether I should have ordered a smaller diameter or a shorter length. But after wearing for only two weeks, I realize my tubeís dimensions are perfect for me.
  • After two weeks we discovered that my continued nightly hard-ons may have stretched the piercing and caused it to tear a bit. My 6 gage piercing was over one year old and fully healed but I believe the nightly hard-ons had the same effect as applying a weight to the piercing thus causing localized stress. I had a hunch that the tube hood needed to be shortened to put back-pressure on the top of the penis head during erections so it would not pull against the piercing. The tube length to the crown is perfect and meets the 2 1/8 inch dimension ordered. I contacted Ms Lori and explained my idea and requested if the hood length could be shortened by about 3/8 inch. She said yes. I sent the tube back with a wood form that I made to help as a guide. All is incredibly fine now J