A note from Lori concerning Time lines  

I first want to thank all of you that are my customers. Each and everyone of you have been great to deal with. I was so surprised at how many people remembered  me at Christmas. I recently joined a forum at www.fetlifecom I would highly recommend you join as well. Wonderful people there.  I have never been a forum person.  It has taught me many things. It has showed me what true friends and customers I have.

We once again have had way more orders come in then we can do. Delivery time frame is 120 days.  We make so many different models of devices that is really hard to say ahead of time how long it will take to get a device made once you have ordered. Things happen in life where machines break, People get sick. Someone has to go to town for a doctors appointment. You know." Life" complicates things. Something you can always count on is you will get what you order from me.

I have no way to control the amount of orders that come in each month. Paulie and Mike are working long hours and extra days trying to keep us at a decent time line. They get 3 to 4 a week done. To those of you that are in a hurry to get a device you can check our in stock page www.chastitytube.com/instock.html   maybe there is something there that you can use. Other then this I can only suggest buying from another company who can make them faster then we can. If you can wait for a device then you can get a Lori's If you ever have issues. it is well known I will help you in anyway I can.                     


We are soon taking on a new person who is going to be making safe to wear plastic device's . These are going to be very lightweight and secure ( as secure as any plastic can be anyway) They will come with a stainless P/A pin and a plastic pin. The target price for these is going to be $250.00.   By ordering you indicate that you have read this and know that I do not issue refunds to anyone for any reason. Have a problem we will work it out, no refunds, once you order.                   Thank you                     

Ms.  Lori